Happy New Years Everyone!

Whew! After a hectic holiday season here we are in a new year. Time to start fresh, with new ideas and resolutions to change old habits. Every year my sister and I have big plans to start off the year for Pig and Peacock, and we typically get one of those plans accomplished in the year. One. It's sad. BUT we have learned over the last year that sometimes our plans are a wee bit ambitious and maybe we should scale it back some. Not that we don't want to dream big, but you have to know and understand what is doable and achievable. Organize our storage closet-doable. Keep our soap/crafting table clear of stuff at the end of the day-not happening!

This year on the list for us is:

  • Expand our candle line and add more seasonal fragrances
  • Grow our Up-cycle candle collection (we will also happily "empty" the bottles to achieve this)
  • Grow our lib balm line
  • Attempt bath bombs again-we gave up after continually making "hamburger" shaped ones
  • And, alas, try to keep that damn craft table clean!
What are your resolutions for 2014?