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As I mentioned last week I have been on an organizing frenzy, in my personal life, at home, and for Pig and Peacock. Every year I go on this organizational spree, buying all kinds of tubs and containers to corral all the things and donating as much stuff as I can part with....and this year the light bulb finally went off: "What is it about xyz that creates this clutter in the first place?"

Like, seriously, why is this pile of "stuff" always occupying space on my counter/desk/workspace no matter how many times I "organize" it?

Once this epiphany was in front of me it became so clear, I needed to stop trying to solve my organization issues, and start solving their raison d'être. Aside from not having time to regularly keep everything straight, these clutter bombs existed because my organization solution only created a home for stuff-but not in the way I needed it to to solve my problems once and for all.

Some of these were really simple and straight forward: my bathroom counter (4' wide for 2 adults) was covered with brushes, makeup, plus my BF's shaving cream and razors, and 2x skincare products since we don't use the same anything. Past attempts at taming this beast were to put everything back up on the shelves they belonged on.

  • The Problem: We used this stuff daily so the shelf wasn't working.

  • Old Solution: Fancy shelves out of the way

  • New Solution: a two tiered stand that sits on the counter (in a small surface area) one level is his stuff, the other mine.

  • The Kicker: It's WORKING because the root of the problem was solved-it was too inconvenient to put stuff all back up on it's little organized shelves, it needed to be on the counter, just not all over the place.

We are applying this tactic to P&P as well in terms of productivity. Why do we never get to the bottom of our to-do list? Why are there a million fragrance oil samples and post it notes on our counter? Solving these problems have started to lead us to not more tubs and drawers (well, not as many), but instead a spare laptop and some new processes to reduce the clutter instead. I realize that many people may think this concept is a no-brainer, but for me it has been a game changer.