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Rain, Rain, Go Away!

While it is all good and well that we are finally getting boat loads of rain here in TX, we are becoming a little waterlogged.

Yeah, those trees back there...that is where the river is supposed to be...
This rain has also just been havoc on our soaps. Why? Because some of our soaps have a high glycerin content, and glycerin LOVES moisture. So much so that it will suck it right out of the air. This is actually a pretty awesome characteristic, because it will do that for your skin to, keeping it soft and moisturized. But what it does on the soap is form condensation on it.

A couple of Coal Soaps with condensation from the humidity
You can see in the picture above, that condensation from the humidity is making our Coal Soaps look a little more like diamonds! If only it were that easy to make diamonds! Once the humidity goes down the condensation will dry and the soap will look matte.

If you happen to have handmade soaps, and see this happening in you soap dish, fear not...your soap is just fine and the ingredients in it are just doing what they do best!.