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Get Silky Smooth Legs for Summer!

Summa, summa, summatime! Well, summer may not have *officially* started, the 90 degree temps here in TX say otherwise and pool parties abound. It's really the only way we don't melt down here in the summer months.

That means it's time to start showin' off those summer legs! Want super soft and smooth legs? Follow the easy steps below!

  • Shave your legs as usual.
  • Massage in one of our Pig and Peacock Sugar Scrubs until the sugar is mostly gone. Be careful as the tub might get a little slippery!
  • Using your razor, shave the sugar scrub off your legs.
  • Rinse legs with water.
  • Pat dry with towel.
  • Ooh and ahh over how soft your skin feels.
  • To lock in moisture, apply lotion to your legs after drying off. Consider layering one of our matching scents of lotion with the scrubs and smell heavenly all day!